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OV và Quân khu 4 phối hợp tuyên truyền về quân sự - quốc phòng

Lễ ký kết thể hiện sự tăng cường hợp tác giữa Đài TNVN với Quân khu 4, đảm bảo thông tin kịp thời 74 năm xây dựng và trưởng thành của LLVT Quân khu 4.

    In the afternoon of September 17, in Nghe An, the signing ceremony of the program to coordinate propaganda on military and defense missions in the period of 2019-2025 between Vietnam Television Station (VOV) and Military Region 4 Command, in order to build The long-term, comprehensive, solidarity and supportive relationship helps each other to fulfill military and defense tasks, contributes to maintaining political stability and ensuring social order and safety in the province. Military zone 4; to build a revolutionary, regular, elite and step-by-step Vietnam People's Army. VOV General Director Nguyen The Ky and Major General Tran Vo Dung co-chaired the ceremony.

TNVN and Military Region 4 Command signed the program of coordinating propaganda on military and defense missions for the period of 2019-2025

    Under the joint program, the two sides propagandized comprehensively on military, defense, military construction tasks, and armed forces of the Military Region in carrying out the task of building and defending the Fatherland, focusing on the contents of the road. Party's guidelines and policies, the State's legal policies, Directives, Resolutions, guidelines, revolutionary tasks, the army, military zones and units, in order to enhance the leadership of the Party and the House. countries on the task of defending the Fatherland in the new period, in the spirit of the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress, Propaganda about the results of building the entire national defense, the all-people defense posture attached to the world. people's security battle;

    The posture of all-border defense in the area of ​​the Military Region and strengthening the defense potential to protect the Fatherland in the new period; Results of the Armed Forces Military Region's implementation of national socio-economic development programs and goals in remote, border, coastal and island areas associated with the consolidation of national defense and security and foreign defense and defense, building a "popular battle" to create a solid foundation to protect the border sovereignty of the country.

    Fight against the reactionary and wrong allegations of the hostile forces, build the patriotism, raise the revolutionary vigilance of the armed forces officers and soldiers of the Military Zone and people of the ethnic groups in the area. garrison table. At the same time, coordinate to organize contests, compose campaigns, promote press works on the subject of armed forces, revolutionary war ...

General Director Nguyen The Ky delivered a speech at the signing ceremony.

    "The signing of the propaganda on military defense mission between the Military Region 4 Command and the TNVN is an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship and develop together; this is a good condition for the image of Uncle Ho's soldiers. of the armed forces of the Military Region, which is widespread and widespread; is an action and an incentive to encourage soldiers and soldiers to improve the general quality and combat strength, especially the quality of politics in fulfilling their duties. at each agency unit. Helping the contingent of the propaganda work of the armed forces on the experience, professional skills of various types of press, "Major General Tran Vo Dung stated.

    On this occasion, Radio TNVN and the Command of Military Region 4 also held a signing ceremony of cooperation agreement "Organizing Futsal HD Bank championship 2019 National Championship" ./.

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